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カテゴリ:パディントン( 21 )

パディントン 2 ☆ LA Times の記事

昨日、パディントン2 観てきました☆





「ベンは大変すばらしい声の持ち主で、その声を使うことによって映画にめざましい効果を与えています。《彼のクマ》は子どもっぽくなることなく若く無垢であり、いやらしくいい子ちゃんになることなく、礼儀正しくて誠実なんです。でも何といっても、一番すばらしいのは、彼が並外れた《この世のものでないと思わせる》クオリティを持っていることです。もしベンがジャングルで牧神かユニコーンに育てられたと言っても、僕は信じます。そしてそれがパディントンを完璧なものにしているのです」 ポール・キング監督

Ben Whishaw on whether 'Paddington 2' sends a message about immigration and Brexit   
LA Times  Jan. 8, 2018

“I was called in to audition, and they were all in a bit of a panic because there was about five months to go before it was due out in the cinemas,” says Whishaw, who is in London rehearsing a production of “Julius Caesar,” which opens Jan. 20 at the Bridge Theatre.

“I didn’t really know much about Paddington. I didn’t really grow up with it,” he says. “I didn’t really want to go in for it because I’d auditioned for voiceover work before and I never really thought I was very good at it. But then it seemed to work. It was all quite rushed, the first one.”


“I’ve said some of those lines so many times,” the actor says. “You just keep going and going and going. It sounds ridiculous, but when it’s not right it’s so obviously not right and so painfully not right that you keep going. It’s the tiniest little nuance. It’s really fine. You can keep fiddling and trying to perfect it. You can become obsessive. And perhaps you have to become obsessive.”

For King, who shared all those hours with the actor in the recording booth, Whishaw now seems like the only guy who could voice Paddington.

“Ben has the most wonderful voice and uses it to astonishing effect in the film,” the director says. “Somehow his bear is young
and naive without being childish, well-mannered and sincere without being an irritating goody-goody. But most wonderfully of all, he has an extraordinarily other-worldly quality. If you told me Ben had been raised in the jungle by a faun and a unicorn, I’d believe you — and it makes him the perfect Paddington.”

                          *  *  *

“Obviously there is a discussion going on about how strong a role the issue of immigration had in that vote,” the actor says. “The first film, especially, was about a little immigrant bear and about a community that welcomes him in and accepts outsiders. That’s floating around in [this film] too. But it’s definitely not what Paul was thinking about. I know it wasn’t. I think he just wanted to make something delightful for people.”

Whishaw adds, “But it doesn’t matter whether it was on our minds or not. It’s hard to watch it now and not have [Brexit] in your head.”

                          *  *  *

“That was very odd,” he says, laughing. “I was, for a while, in children’s film land, which I never imagined I’d be in. It was a happy time, maybe a little bit too happy. I was obsessed with ‘Mary Poppins’ as a child. It was the first film I ever saw. I adored it. I couldn’t quite resist when I was asked to do the sequel, even though I know it’s a big pair of footprints to follow in.”

Whishaw doesn’t find much difference as an actor making something cheery like “Mary Poppins Returns” or something notably heavy like “London Spy.” He approaches everything with equal sincerity, which may be why Paddington feels so real as a character.

“I don’t want to sound overly serious, but you can’t work any less hard because it’s a film for young people,” he notes. “You have to honor it. They’re little people, and you have to be as honest as you’d be working on anything.”

                          *  *  *

“I love the empty space waiting to be filled,” Whishaw says. “And maybe nothing will come and that will be as interesting in itself. But often I love being surprised by what blows in, because it’s always unexpected.”


ああ、またいいこと言ってる ♪


 事実関係では、Paddington 3の予定は今のところない。「もし、ポール・キングがまた監督だったらやる」と、ベン。
 4月に舞台 Julius Caesar が終わったら、しばらく仕事の予定はない。
 Mary Poppins Returns と The Very English Scandal は今年の終わり頃、公開/放送予定。
 007 シリーズは、今のところもう一作契約を結んでおり、今年末か、来年初に撮影が始まる予定。


予告編のパディントンが ”Perfect" と言う、
そのセリフの言い方、丁寧さ、発音/発声、声が パーフェクト☆☆☆

All New Clips & Trailers ☆

とにかく、とにかく 1月19日が待ちきれない!!

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Times インタビュー☆ただ僕はマーマレードが好きじゃないんです

Ben Whishaw: ‘It’s fun playing Paddington Bear — I just don’t like marmalade’

The actor who provides the voice of Paddington talks about the hit film and playing a bear with a big heart

The Times :


Shock, horror! Paddington Bear hates marmalade. “I really don’t like it at all,” says Ben Whishaw. The 37-year-old actor voiced the bear in the big-screen 2014 hit Paddington. Whishaw’s firm but gentle enunciation, already familiar from his pedantic Q opposite Daniel Craig’s Bond, is indivisible with the animated ursine hero. He has voiced him again for Paddington 2, in which the little bear’s attempts to buy a present for his Aunt Lucy land him in jail. Critics have widely adored it, as have the public. Last weekend the film was number one at the UK box office.

It feels odd to be talking to Whishaw about a bear in a duffel coat because I last met him 14 years ago when he had just taken London by storm with a coruscating Hamlet at the Old Vic, directed by Trevor Nunn. He was 23, not long out of drama school and seemed skinless, so close were his emotions to the surface. He shut down any talk of his private life — although gay, he had not spoken publicly about his sexuality — and would gain a reputation as a charming, but elusive interviewee. Today he has a string of impeccable stage and screen roles under his belt, and although still fine-featured and youthful, he has gained solidity and certainty. He came out in 2013, announcing that he had been in a civil partnership with the composer Mark Bradshaw since 2012.


How does he think he’s changed in those 14 years? “It’s hard to quantify, but I am just more confident as a person,” he says. “Dealing publicly with [my] sexuality was a big thing, that was probably a weight last time I met you. The world’s really changed in that respect. If I was 23 now it would probably be different, it might be easier to talk about it. I hadn’t told my parents then or even some close friends.You don’t want to lie. But at the same time you don’t know how to discuss it, and it is all quite painful and weird and unresolved.”

Whishaw grew up in Bedfordshire where there was little gay culture in the Eighties and Nineties, he says, especially in his home village of Clifton (population 2,878 in 2011), where he grew up with his non-identical twin, James, and his mother, a former cosmetics saleswoman, after she split from his father, an IT specialist.

When Whishaw did come out, he didn’t know how his parents or his brother (who is tall, blond and straight, and the father of two young children) would react. “But you know, it was great,” Whishaw says. “It made me wonder why I had given myself such hell about it for so long, because it was fine. And I suppose because I had a partner, I was with someone, and they could see him and they liked him and could relate to him.” He and Bradshaw live in Hackney, east London, and have no desire to be married. “Mark is Australian so civil partnership is something we had to do in order to be together,” he says. “But I don’t have a strong feeling about marriage. It’s great that there is equality, but for myself I don’t need it.”

He has no wish for children, although he is an enthusiastic uncle. “I don’t have any desire at the moment, not the slightest inkling or urge, although I am told that sometimes changes,” he says. Does Mark feel the same? “We don’t really talk about it so I am guessing he doesn’t feel much either.”

When he was doing The Crucible in New York, a journalist mentioned a yoga mat and a crystal in his dressing room, fuelling speculation that he had gone all spiritual; this only grew when he mentioned a Buddhist nun he knew. “Someone gave me the crystal and I just liked it aesthetically,” he says with a sigh. “I am not a Buddhist. I am not an anything. My partner grew up in a Pentecostal church, so it is something we talk about a lot because that is a big thing for him. But I wasn’t raised with any religious belief.”

For the record, he has stopped doing yoga, and he got into that only because he was bored with the gym. Everyone used to go on about his smoking and his early wish to be a painter, but he seems to have given these up, can’t cook and rarely listens to music at home (as it’s Mark’s job). What does he do for fun? “I have been working a lot this year,” he says, “so for me what’s fun and relaxing and reviving is just getting out of the city and seeing friends.”

When I ask which actors he remains on good terms with, the names he mentions — “Andrew Scott is a really dear friend; Romola [Garai] is a very dear friend; Anna Chancellor” — remind you of the diversity and depth of his career. He was Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited, John Keats in Bright Star. He was a chainsmoking hack in The Hour alongside Garai and an out- of-his-depth gay druggie in London Spy.

On stage he has played earthy John Proctor in The Crucible in New York and the great god Bacchus in north London. Then, of course, there’s his Q in the Bond films. “I like being that foil to 007,” he says with a smile. “I really never imagined I would be in Bond films and I still can’t really believe I am doing it.”

Now he is an animated bear once more. He says: “It’s really fun but it’s actually quite hard to do the voice.” Paddington 2 is a worthy successor to the first film, a clever mixture of wit, slapstick, emotion and social comment. The writer/director Paul King again gently reinforces the point that Paddington is not only a bear, but an orphan refugee. “I think what triggered the idea for [Paddington’s late creator] Michael Bond was seeing refugees back in the 50s,” Whishaw says. “So how we treat outsiders is in there. It’s about a human impulse to have open arms and look after people in greater need than yourself. And to see the good in people, which is really Paddington’s primary characteristic.”

Which makes it all the more bizarre that Paddington 2 has been touched, albeit indirectly, by the storm over sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry. Its producer David Heyman is trying to wrest the film’s American distribution rights back from The Weinstein Company. “It seems unfair to drag Paddington into that discussion when he [Weinstein] had nothing to do with the making of it,” Whishaw says. “It’s fantastic that people are speaking out about this kind of experience, and that there is no tolerance for it. Hopefully things will change now.”


Ben Whishaw’s perfect weekend

Berlin or the Bahamas?

Suit or tracksuit?

Country life or city slicker?
I’ll go for city on balance

Poetry or bonkbuster?

Twitter or snail mail?
Snail mail. I have an Instagram thing, but it’s private

Social butterfly or lone ranger?
Maybe both

I couldn’t get through the weekend without …
Red wine. Well, I probably could, but it would be much less fun

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PADDINGTON 2 ☆ World Premiere at BFI Southbank, Nov. 5


Brexit, kindness, and a 'washed-up' Hugh Grant: Ben Whishaw and the cast on the making of Paddington 2  Telegraph 10 Nov. 2017

・・・・・ If Gleeson was a little disconnected from the other cast members, he didn’t have it nearly as bad as Whishaw, whose job involved 120 hours of recording sessions for a character who doesn’t even exist, visually speaking, when he starts out.

“When I record the voice I’m wearing this kind of helmet, which has a huge arm on it and then a camera stuck on the arm recording my face,” says Whishaw. “You can’t wear anything that wears a lot of noise or rustles. And then there are other microphones attached to you. It’s not that comfortable – or that conducive to giving a good performance.”

It’s a common but mistaken assumption that voice work in family films, especially ones of this complexity, is just a case of swanning in and reading off a script. But “Paul wouldn’t let you get away with that,” Whishaw explains. “He wants to engage with you, and wants your thoughts about judging every moment just right, getting the humour. It’s much more fine and fiddly than just putting some voice over something.”

So what of Paddington’s situation - as an immigrant to our shores now firmly settled as a British resident - especially after last year’s Brexit vote? Much was made, when the first film came out, of its gently welcoming stand in favour of multiculturalism.

“I’m certain it was on Paul’s mind. How could it not be?” says Whishaw. “I do remember him joking in rehearsal – ‘How did Brexit happen? Did people not watch Paddington?!’. Paul is brilliant at getting some of those themes or ideas in there in a way that’s funny, and light, and touching.”

King is certainly keen to downplay any ostentatious soapbox-climbing. “Different sides of different debates have been tearing each other to pieces forever,” he ruminates. “Remembering to love one another and be kind is never as needed as now. I don’t think it’s timely – I think it’s timeless

Ben Whishaw on Paddington 2 and Mary Poppins Returns | Interview at world premiere







Photos by Bernd (@berndt2_photo)



Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville and Hugh Grant have all been confirmed to attend the world premiere of Paddington 2.

The event takes place at BFI Southbank on Sunday November 5th.

They’ll be joined on the red carpet by Julie Walters, Jessica Hynes, Madeleine Harris, Samuel Joslin, Ben Miller, director Paul King and producer David Heyman.

The premiere is being held in partnership with UNICEF.

サイトへ行って VIDEOS をクリックすると、予告編2篇、TVスポット、出演者 Featurette が見られます



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ヒュー・グラント ☆ グレアム・ノートンショーでの言及

The Graham Norton Show S22E07 - Nov 10, 2017

It's all been very confusing for me because Paddington Bear is voiced by Ben Whishaw who I'm also working with at the moment you know thing about Jeremy Thorpe. He's playing Norman Scott, my lover. So I’ve spent all year trying to either kill, imprison or bugger Ben Whishaw…”

「パディントン の声をベン・ウィショーが演じていますが、彼とはちょうど今 撮っている ご存じの”ジェレミー・ソープ事件" でも共演していて、彼が私の愛人=ノーマン・スコット役なので、何だか自分でも混乱しちゃうんですよ。私はこの一年、ベン・ウィショーを殺そうとしたり、投獄しようとしたり、騙したりすることに終始しているというか・・・」


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パディントン、マークス & スペンサーのクリスマスCM に登場☆彡

M & S Christmas TV Ad 2017 | Paddington & The Christmas Visitor
Mark Benton plays a burglar who gets drawn into the Christmas spirit by marmalade sandwich-loving bear.

※サンタに化けた泥棒役の俳優どこかで見たことあると思ったら、2003年のテレビドラマ ”Booze Cruise” でフェリーの中で、ダニエル(ベン)に恋愛指南をする太った、人のいいあの人だ。

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撮影終了 ☆ 『パディントン2』



UK 10 November 2017
Japan January 2018






6:34 くらいからベンを声に起用した効果を話しています ♪






”Result was splendid” 結果は言う事なし!でした。

今や ベンの声がなければ、パディントンという映画は考えられません。


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In UK cinemas November 10th

Japan January 2018 (IMDb

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『パディントン2』 ☆ 2018年1月公開




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祝 ☆ ☆ ☆ BAFTA Children's Feature Film in 2015 

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Soggy stars brave rain at Paddington premiere

Ben at 1:45

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