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女優はジーナ・ローランズ ♪ 歌手は Sandy Denny が好き ベン・ウィショー

d0160581_1847448.png ISSUE 4 PREVIEW: BEN WHISHAW

What characters do you find the most fulfilling?

I think every role is interesting because you’re basically trying to understand another person, you’re trying to get inside them and see the world through their eyes - it’s fascinating. I love beautiful writing. It’s wonderful when you receive a script that’s beautifully written, and you think, “Oh my goodness! I could never have thought of that!” You’re fascinated by someone’s perspective - you would never have thought of that or would never have said that. It’s great to be challenged in that way. I’d like to do many different things. It’s sometimes hard to persuade people to look at you in another way because actors can do anything really, but the world likes to categorise you and put you into a box.

What is your big ambition?

I suppose my biggest ambition for myself is to work in the way that I dream of, to work in a company of actors long-term. Either in theatre or film or some collective where we know each other and we’re driven purely by artistic desires, rather than commercial ones. I’d love to be more proactive in bringing people together and doing things with people I respect. I’ve been going to see the Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal at Sadler’s Wells. They’re here for a whole season of performances, and it’s been so amazing to see a company that has worked together for years and years – some of them for 30, 40 years. The quality of the work is so different. You can’t describe it – it’s special.


Do you think everything is too driven by money and commerciality?

I think it is a bit. I feel that sometimes in this country, compared with other European countries, the way we treat the arts is very... Maybe it’s a hangover from Thatcher, or maybe it’s because we’re enthralled to America, I don’t know, but I feel that in Germany, whenever I’ve been there, they have a respect for art. They don’t have to smirk about it or sneer. They say it really simply and with love. They appreciate great art, whereas we have to play it down - “you mustn’t get above yourself”. And I think that’s a shame. I think we are a little bit confused about those things. I mean some things can be great art and great entertainment and be commercially successful. They’re not mutually exclusive things, and sometimes that happens. But when [commercial success] happens at the exclusion of all’s a shame.


Who is your IDOL?

It’s quite a long list... So many things influence me. One of my favourite actors of all time is Gena Rowlands. She was married to a director called John Cassavetes who was sort of the first independent film-maker. If you haven’t seen any of her films with Cassavetes, you must! She’s completely tremendous, and she’s not really recognised - she’s a bit undiscovered. Music really inspires me too. I’m completely obsessed with a singer-song- writer called Sandy Denny. She died in the late 70s. I’ve been listening to her a lot recently. She had the most incredible voice.

Sandy Denny - Green Grow The Laurels

Fairport Convention ~ Autopsy
markku51 さんが 2011/01/18 にアップロード
One of the most beautiful songs ever made. From the album Unhalfbricking (1969). (Music of UMG)

You must philosophise
But why must you bore me to tears?
You're red around the eyes
You tell me things no one else hears
You spend all your time crying
Crying the hours in tears
Crying the hours into years

Come lend your time to me
And you will know that you are free
And when you look at me
Don't think you're owning what you see
For remember that you're free
And that's what you want to be
So just lend your time to me

You must philosophise
But why must you bore me to tears?
You're red around the eyes
You tell me things no one else hears
You spend all your time crying
Crying the hours in tears
Crying the hours in to ears

(Sandy Denny)

※This article originally posted on 2012 12 05

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OUJの面接授業で、イギリス人教授のティモシー・ハリス先生のPoem into Songs というのを受けました♪ 楽しかった!
その中で、中世やエリザベス朝時代~ダウランド/ウイリアム・バード/ヘンリー・パーセルなどの歌曲を詞の内容を解説してもらってたくさん聴きました♪現代に入って、その最後の締めが、なんとサンディ・デニーでした☆曲は、Who Knows Where The Time Goes

他に、先生の好きな歌手:Alfred Deller/Andreas Scholl/Kathleen Ferrier/Janet Baker/Peter Pears
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